Delicious Tuna or Chicken Breast Salad

Tuna or Chicken Salad

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I used to eat a lot of tuna because of the low price and high protein content. Depending on your diet plan, you can make it with or without mayonnaise, and serve it on a pita, naan bread or low carb tortilla. If you like variety, you can substitute a can of premium chicken breast for the tuna on occasion.

Here is how I make mine:

  • Can of tuna (or chicken breast)
  • equal amounts of mayo and Italian dressing

Mix the tuna and mayo and Italian dressing until the mixture is nice and creamy. If you want less fat, skip the mayo. Fill up your tortilla, pita or naan bread and garnish with leaf lettuce, tomato slices or pickles.  Some pretzels, carrot or celery sticks are also good side snacks to go with your lunch!

Enjoy with unsweetened iced tea or water.

You can do the same with canned chicken breast and have a quick lunch that will give you the protein you need to keep going the rest of your busy day! And my favorite way to serve this is to skip the bread altogether and serve it with veggies as a salad!

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